In this country some animals are very important for this reason this country especial and many fundation by care this animals in especial...

The Elephant in Babile Sanctury, Kuni Harerge region - Mukta the mountain sanctuary of Nyala. sancturey of the Hartebesy of Harage region senkele Swayne, shaewa region of the shrine of Yabello, sidamo region, The Francolin hardwood, chorlito stain-faced, yellow-faced parrot, the prince of Turaco Ruspolit, pito Abyssinian, the Abyssinian Catbird, Black-headed relative of the system, the lark of Degodi, sidamo yearn - Spider lark, swallow the white-behind, the yellow-throated Serin, of serine Ankober, the seed-canteen Salvadori, the crow bush


The Guyana is one country with many values and variety ethnical groups, principal values are based on family celebrations, religion and their self convincing experience always with respect, solidary and happiness.

Firstly the most important family celebration is christmas festivity is magical an fascinating. Because people do delicious feast and all families gather to decorate their houses, this is the best and popular time for cultural expressions such as delightful feast, harmonious musical and amusing typical dance, people in there have enormous human values and make their dreams come true.

Secondly, Guyanese people have mystical and primitive traditions date back centuries, many Guyanese superstitions or beliefs and primitive system are maintained among Guyanese Americans, specially those who identify with some Caribbean. The following are some examples of
Guyanese beliefs good Friday is considered a very unlucky day to be involved in out door activities if they are not church related when entering a all house late at night, a person should go in backwards in order to keep evil spirits out to cure a fever.

Finally, believe and values in Guyana have many similarities,
because always these have a relationship.


Rosalie Jagan is excellent and witty leader in Guyana, he was born in this country in 1938, in a poor city, he is recognized to his brilliant ideas, about development in this country such as, best access to education and healt services, in all country because, he always dreams his country will be. The best in American, in this two situation.

Fistly, Jagan, all time he has been working for the school, universities and public library with excellent resources and proactive teacher because, he want development main children besides, his government offer some subsides for education, transport and food for people that go to study, this idea is has been successful in all country furthermore, people in this moment are taking class according to age, education level and their like.
Secondly , Guyana president hope his country has beautiful and better health services in all country for this reason his government offers good percent that it budgets for the hospital can obtain new technology, easier and fast attention services to decrease the morbility and mortality to prevent illness, for example all children must have vaccines not cost.
Finally Rosalie jagan Is successful man and excellent leader in his country, he s workj for people in his country have better options and good quality life with respect that education and health services with excellent result.

Summary Mathieu Kérékou in Benin

Benin, a small sub-Saharan nation that offers one of the tables more stable political and democratic west African chose the March 19, 2006 as president to a Republican economist who took eleven years at the helm of the West African Development Bank (BOAD). Perfect example of independent technocrat ventured into the political leader and winner in an election, possibly a dizzying and exceptionally strong,


The traditional extended family for each member represents a kind of social security in old age and illness. That is why many festivities and family celebrations, such as a birth, a wedding or a death strengthen family ties.
Moreover, it is interesting to know that the pace of life for many people is determined by the abundance and, hence the hopes that are put in a good harvest and gratitude when it arrives, will reflect and speak with various ceremonies , Many of them religious in nature.


Street robbery is a significant problem in Cotonou. Robbery and mugging occur along the Boulevard de France (the beach road by the Marina and Novotel Hotels) and on the beaches near hotels frequented by international visitors. Most of the reported incidents involve the use of force, often by armed persons, with occasional minor injury to the victim. Travelers should avoid isolated and poorly lit areas and should not walk around the city or the beaches between dusk and dawn. Even in daylight hours, foreigners on the beach near Cotonou are frequent victims of robberies. When visiting the beach, travelers should not bring valuables and should carry only a photocopy of their passport

SUMMARY crime in Djibouty

the main sources of illegal proceeds are: drug trafficking, bank fraud, credit card fraud, punishable insolvency and corporate crimes. Much of the illegal origin of money entering the financial system, comes from organized crime.

That is why, compared to conventional criminal activities carried out on an individual basis, at present there is a move towards a form of criminality as a company. The criminal groups are characterized by being in a position to act, both in the legal aspect as in illegal political activity and economic


The harsh economic and social conditions, widespread corruption, scenarios present and past conflicts, porous borders, ineffective governments and a growing culture of impunity has fueled the development of criminal practices through which the international operations of crime that is conducted in the region of West and Central Africa have gained a higher profile. The systematic inability of States to implement the rule of law and ensure the safety of its citizens and economic operators offers the better environment for the development of any form of criminal activity aimed at obtaining easy profits at the expense of human beings and security of society.

summary about values woman in djibouti by alexandra cuevas

The right of girls to education

A vast and unpopulated region, known for its cattle, Ihorombe also has a reputation as a place where women and children have a lower status than men. In this context, in which very few women have economic or political power, appointing Moana has been both an unprecedented phenomenon and presents an opportunity to establish a long-term change, a unique opportunity that is offered to women and children.

In this area, cultural traditions, deeply rooted, attach more value to men. Most of them are devoted entirely to livestock, while women engaged in domestic work, and completely dependent on her husband for all economic needs


Benin has a beautifull and many foundation interestin for the animal care, across that activities such as good an special food, clean the habitans and all health services all activities are do for students the different universities whit the purpose that help this animals in their country.


The most important activities that Karekor do in Benin are, he has been changing the name of country for republic of Benin and improve the government the now days, is democratize because, this country was authoritary government.


Rosalie Jagan was born to Jewish, middle class family, in the united states, he is one of history´s great leaders, in Guyana, because, he always think about the children’s need and development his country with excellent ideas such as all people have opportunities respect with people education, work an health services and access.
Firstly, Jagan is Witty and proactive leader, because all time his government, day to day, work for all school in his country have a better technology and excellent teachers, Rosale Jagan think in the development mental of children for this reason, he hope in the future all children will be have access to education for this he offers educations, food and transport subsides.
PON the other hand Guyana president has brilliant ideas respect with health in his country for example he offers a good percent that national budget to hospital, his purpose is the Guyana has a beautiful and better health services and decrease the mobility an mortality in this country.

Finally Jagan is a good leader because has qualities and values that people recognized, beside, has magnificent ideas for help to poor people with excellent result.




To speak of kidnapping is to make reference to exist worse situations that the death, situations that imply privation of the freedom, of the tranquility, of the privacy and of the physical integrity among others. Also their family and the negative consequences that imply this situation.

For these people begin a possible consequences of the kidnapping (somatic alterations, emotional alterations, changes in their style and quality of life, in their plans, etc.) and they consider that once they lose their freedom, begin a true nightmare, days, months or year in the wide jungle away friends, family, food, way of communication and expose theirself a realistic the powerful jungle, insects, reptiles as snake, crocodiles etc. A new life for who their true life is in the city.

On the other hand, for they there are a change in their feeding, food few nutritious and with few conditions of hygiene is maybe the main cause of many illness and until the death, because many kidnapped who suffer any illness with the kidnapping this spreads to worsen for lack of care, stress, climate or the same depression that finished with the death, moreover for these people their physical appearance have changed totality an extreme thinness and weakness for longer hours of walk intro the jungle.

Without doubt and all things considering, the kidnapped is an act of violence that carry away mental disorders, suffering, lose of family nucleus. The kidnapping never will have justification and a kidnapper hasn’t forgiveness.


In organized crime in Colombia refers to the crime on a large scale, mainly related to drug trafficking, but also with smuggling, kidnapping, extortion and trafficking in human beings for prostitution, for this reason rates homicide in Colombia are among the highest in the world. With the homicide rate in Colombia three times higher than that of Brazil or Mexico.

According to the OAS narco-paramilitares control at the present time 51% of Colombian territory and dominate the new and scattered minicarteles that abound in Colombia, which is a development of the traditional signs of drug trafficking. The narco-paramilitares possess million hectares of the best land in Colombia and eagerly await the NAFTA to invest their money encaletado new lucrative business besides, the crime is no longer the result of an abnormal and dangerous subject, but a highly trained people and specialized, they see a great opportunity to gain wealth and willing to use any means, aided by an ally of immense power as corruption, which is based on the lure of wealth of anyone who falls rendered by the temptation of easy money . The great danger of organized crime is that the victim is society as a whole.

It is also important to recognize the great difficulty level judicial investigation to unmask the criminals who are inmiscuidos in legal activities, allowing them to act covertly in illegal activities openly. Undoubtedly, the challenge posed by organized crime to society deserves current efforts in all orders from social, cultural, legal, governmental and state levels. In Colombia, it is necessary to adapt the system of judicial inquiry to the current challenges, tending to the professionalization and specialization of the adversarial system. The forensic investigation requires a thorough modernization and a structure that allows for interdisciplinary work of technical scientific connotations; strengthening the formation of specialized investigative teams that generate both operational and scientific knowledge of organized criminal activity. It is a priority to strengthen assistance to victims, so that their collaboration, which is undoubtedly essential, facilitate obtaining valuable information on criminal groups.

In conclusion I think that the work of the society at the present time, is to create conditions for people to see and understand that we act in accordance with the law earns individual and social, not as far as where the offense produces good profits and so few restrictions, but the possibility of forming a criminal enterprise is very appealing.

by erica poveda


In this essay I can find information about a few lack respect to the woman and some costumes, about this country, such as in this country, women don’t have access to education and they are frustration in her married life.


Nowadays in this society the leader in the work are few, however these have a brilliant an proactive ideas with respect the categories of leader ship and manager behavior and their evaluation of the behavior approach for this reason they can do magnificent factories with excellent de result.

A major problem in research on the content of leadership behavior has been the identification of behavior categories that are relevant and meaning full for all leaders. In the research on manager activities, people saw that each study produced a some what different set of behavior categories, marking it difficult to compare and integrate the results across studies,. As consequence the past four decades have witnessed the appearance of a bewildering variety of behavior concepts pertaining to managers and leaders, sometimes different terms have been used to referent to the same type of behavior, at other times, the same term has been defined differently by various theorists.

Secondly Evaluation of the behavior , the long fixation on consideration and initiating structure appears to be ended, and most researchers now realize that it is necessary to examine broader range of behavior and more specific types of he behavior to understand leadership effectiveness, However, in comparison to the hundreds of studies on task oriented and people oriented behavior, the number of studies on specific behavior is still small, relatively few studies have attempted to identify the situations where specific types of leadership he behaviors are relevant, even most of the studies testing situational contingence theories, examined only task and relations behavior.
Finally in one company it is necessary people have leadership and a excellent leader in the work with a good equipment work , always take the better options and ideas, the leadership based on values can come from any level of the organitazation, what we can assure it that if people who are in higher positions do not demonstrates, it is employees will lose respect.

LEADERSHIP IN ORGANIZATIONS, Gary Yukl, fourt edition, state University of New York at Albany, 1998

corection essay about values in guyana

The Guyana is one the best and magnificent place in the world with many attractive values and variety ethnical groups, principal values are based on family celebrations, religion and their self convincing experience always with respect, solidary and happiness.

In Guyana the Christmas festivity is magical an fascinating. Because people do delicious feast and all families together to decorate their precious houses, this is the best and popular time for cultural expressions such as delightful feast, harmonious musical and amusing typical dance, people in Guyana are very outgoing and cherry this glad and exciting celebration shows their enormous human values and make their dreams come true.

On the other hand, Guyanese people are have mystical and magical traditions date back centuries, many Guyanese superstitions or belief and primitive system are maintained among Guyanese Americans, specially those who identify with some Caribbean. The following are some examples of Guyanese beliefs> good Friday is considered a very unlucky day to be involved in out door activities if they are not church related when entering a all house late at night, a person should go in backwards in order to keep evil spirits out to cure a fever, a sliced potato should be placed on the ill person’s forehead to cure the effects of a stroke.

Finally magnificent Guyanese American Cultural traditions have been preserved by the religious observances of moving weddings, baptisms and funerals, this country is impressive and really have many pristine thinks to talk about each one but there some relevant and interesting aspects, so you can go visit Guyana and enjoy yourself those experiences.

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Guyana is one of the best places in the word I think. One of the traditions is in an special date, as a weddings after nine days is celebrated another vigil. Additionally, during that time no one ever gets to the family, and at home are covered mirrors for fear of seeing the dead, the houses were not barren to death not take other family members.
People are Guyana the hospital and establish a bridge of confidence. They are people open, joyous, free of prejudice.

The best example is the tolerance regarding religion. Although the country is predominantly Catholic, plurality and respect for other religions is the predominant note.
In the Christmas feast Guyana wears and decks with their best atmosphere, time is of taste and feast, assembly and meetings of warmth and happiness. There are different cultural expressions, culinary, musical and identifying the traditional celebration of Christmas celebrations have such a large force because collectively hold countless meetings that make the Christmas festivities very special .All of these celebrations are filled with human warmth that all Christmas festivities if you have something distinctive to be a period where the family reunion, solidarity and human values take over our souls, then Venezuela becomes even more warm and gives way to deliver a period that closes to get a new one full of hopes and new dreams to realize.

On the other hand, Guyanese folklore and traditions date back centuries. Many Guyanese superstitions or belief systems are maintained among Guyanese Americans, especially those who identify with some Caribbean enclave. The following are some examples of Guyanese beliefs: Good Friday is considered a very unlucky day to be involved in outdoor activities if they are not church-related. When entering a house late at night, a person should go in backwards in order to keep evil spirits out. To cure a fever, a sliced potato should be placed on the ill person's forehead. To cure the effects of a stroke (like a twisted mouth), a whole nutmeg should be placed inside of the mouth on the affected side

Finally, to talk about interaction with other cultures Guyanese began to interact groups, particularly Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Barbadians, Grenadians, and people from other English-speaking Caribbean nations. This nurturing of Caribbeanness contributes to the resistance to marry outside of the Caribbean group. Guyanese American cultural traditions have been preserved by the religious observances of weddings, baptisms, and funerals. This country really have many things to talk about each one but there are some relevant an interesting aspects, so, you have to visit Guyana and enjoy for yourself.útbol/himno-guyana_29674.html

in this link you can fin the principal music in Guyana

BY... Erica Poveda

living with mother


1. the best summary of the text.

Is 3:

this article is about the Mosuo, who live in southwest China.
because in this talk about the families in general and the In mosuo society and take de family`Dashi how example.

2. write the numbers of the family members in the correct house.

House 1: 1, 2, 5, 7,11, 13.
House 2: 3, 4.
House 3: 6, 8.
House 4: 9, 12
House 5: 14, 10.


Reading Efficiently by Reading Intelligently

Good reading strategies help you to read in a very efficient way. Using them, you aim to get the maximum benefit from your reading with the minimum effort. This section will show you how to use six different strategies to read intelligently.

Strategy 1: Knowing what you want to know
The first thing to ask yourself is: Why you are reading the text? Are you reading with a purpose or just for pleasure? What do you want to know after reading it?
Once you know this, you can examine the text to see whether it is going to move you towards this goal.

An easy way of doing this is to look at the introduction and the chapter headings. The introduction should let you know whom the book is targeted at, and what it seeks to achieve. Chapter headings will give you an overall view of the structure of the subject.
Ask yourself whether the book meets your needs. Ask yourself if it assumes too much or too little knowledge. If the book isn't ideal, would it be better to find a better one?
Strategy 2: Knowing how deeply to study the material
Where you only need the shallowest knowledge of the subject, you can skim material. Here you read only chapter headings, introductions and summaries.

If you need a moderate level of information on a subject, then you can scan the text. Here you read the chapter introductions and summaries in detail. You may then speed read the contents of the chapters, picking out and understanding key words and concepts. At this level of looking at the document it is worth paying attention to diagrams and graphs.
Only when you need detailed knowledge of a subject is it worth studying the text. Here it is best to skim the material first to get an overview of the subject. This gives you an understanding of its structure, into which you can fit the detail gained from a full, receptive reading of the material. SQ3R is a good technique for getting a deep understanding of a text.

Strategy 3: Active Reading

When you are reading a document in detail, it often helps if you highlight, underline and annotate it as you go on. This emphasizes information in your mind, and helps you to review important points later.

Doing this also helps to keep your mind focused on the material and stops it wandering.
This is obviously only something to do if you own the document! If you own the book and find that active reading helps, then it may be worth photocopying information in more expensive texts. You can then read and mark the photocopies.
If you are worried about destroying the material, ask yourself how much your investment of time is worth. If the benefit you get by active reading reasonably exceeds the value of the book, then the book is disposable.

Strategy 4: How to study different sorts of material

Different sorts of documents hold information in different places and in different ways. They have different depths and breadths of coverage. By understanding the layout of the material you are reading, you can extract useful information much more efficiently.
Reading Magazines and Newspapers:These tend to give a very fragmented coverage of an area. They will typically only concentrate on the most interesting and glamorous parts of a topic - this helps them to sell copies! They will often ignore less interesting information that may be essential to a full understanding of a subject. Typically areas of useful information are padded out with large amounts of irrelevant waffle or with advertising.
The most effective way of getting information from magazines is to scan the contents tables or indexes and turn directly to interesting articles. If you find an article useful, then cut it out and file it in a folder specifically covering that sort of information. In this way you will build up sets of related articles that may begin to explain the subject.

Newspapers tend to be arranged in sections. If you read a paper often, you can learn quickly which sections are useful and which ones you can skip altogether.

Reading Individual Articles:Articles within newspapers and magazines tend to be in three main types:

News Articles:Here the most important information is presented first, with information being less and less useful as the article progresses. News articles are designed to explain the key points first, and then flesh them out with detail.
Opinion Articles:Opinion articles present a point of view. Here the most important information is contained in the introduction and the summary, with the middle of the article containing supporting arguments.

Feature Articles:These are written to provide entertainment or background on a subject. Typically the most important information is in the body of the text.
If you know what you want from an article, and recognize its type, you can extract information from it quickly and efficiently.

Strategy 5: Reading 'whole subject' documents

When you are reading an important document, it is easy to accept the writer's structure of thought. This can mean that you may not notice that important information has been omitted or that irrelevant detail has been included. A good way of recognizing this is to compile your own table of contents before you open the document. You can then use this table of contents to read the document in the order that you want. You will be ablZe to spot omissions quickly.

Strategy 6: Using glossaries with technical documents

If you are reading large amounts of difficult technical material, it may be useful to photocopy or compile a glossary. Keep this beside you as you read. It will probably also be useful to note down the key concepts in your own words, and refer to them when necessary.
Usually it is best to make notes as you go. Effective way of doing this include creating Concept Maps or using the Cornell Note Taking System.

Key points:

This section shows six different strategies and techniques that you can use to read more effectively.

These are:Z
Knowing what you need to know, and reading appropriately

Knowing how deeply to read the document: skimming, scanning or studying

Using active reading techniques to pick out key points and keep your mind focused on the material

Using the table of contents for reading magazines and newspapers, and clipping useful articles
Understanding how to extract information from different article types

Creating your own table of contents for reviewing material

Using indexes, tables of contents, and glossaries to help you assimilate technical information.

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